Post-ABM Talk on Gender Politics


Interactive and Captivating Talk on “Gender, Politics and Gender Politics” A special talk on “Gender, Politics, and Gender Politics” by Dr. Louis Lo, Assistant Professor, Department of English, National Taipei University of Technology was held after the 2014 Annual Business Meeting on 28 March 2015.  Dr. Ian Ho Yin Fong, Lecturer, CUHK School of Continuing and Professional Studies, was invited to serve as discussant while Ms. Grace Cheng from the University of Hong Kong and the Convenor of the Personal Development Sub-Committee, moderated the talk.

Dr. Lo researches and publishes on various subjects, including critical and literary theory, gender and sexuality, city and urban studies. He is the author of Male Jealousy: Literature and Film (Continuum, 2008). His recent article on the representation of Macau appears in Macau: Cultural Interaction and Literary Representation, K. Wong and G. Wei (eds.) (Routledge, 2014).

At the beginning of the talk, video clips about the Sun Flower Movement in Taiwan were shown before Dr. Lo raised issues concerning the socio-political controversy on gender in recent political incidents in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Dr. Lo invited participants to discuss the relationship between gender and politics.  Such topic drew intense responses from the floor.

After the talk, Julia Woo, President (2014) and Kat Wong, Acting President (2014) of the Hong Kong University Women Association presented a souvenir book coupon to Dr. Lo as a token of appreciation.   The EXCO must express our gratitude to Dr. Lo, Dr. Fong and Grace for making the talk to a fruition and in a great success!

Dr. Louis Lo (middle), Dr. Ian Fong (left) and Ms. Grace Cheng (right)

Julia Woo (right 2) and Kat Wong (left 1) presented a souvenir book coupon to Dr. Louis Lo.

A group photo of HKAUW EXCO and Members with the invited speakers

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