2015 Welcoming Party for New Members

By Melody Deng

A welcoming party was held by HKAUW at Shanghai Fraternity Association Clubhouse on November 14, 2015. This event aimed to welcome the new members of HKAUW and celebrate the achievements of the current members. The participants included 6 EXCO members and 27 new members with 4 undergraduates and 23 postgraduates.

On behalf of the EXCO, Julia Woo, as the Immediate Past President, made a welcoming speech, introducing HKAUW and GWI, of which HKAUW is an affiliate, sharing her experience, elaborating on how HKAUW can help new members and mentioning in particular the 32nd Triennial Conference of GWI to be held in Cape Town from 24 to 26 August 2016.

Anson Wang and our distinguished guest, Gloria Ge hosted the cake-cutting ceremony together with other EXCO members. All participants were then divided into two groups: international relations and community services based on the questionnaire they filled in. Julia chaired the discussions of the international relations group. Kitty Lam and Natalie Woo were in charge of the two sub-groups of community services. Then, representatives from each group/sub-group, Suzanne Temwa Harris, Zhang Walei Eve and Han Sirui Anna, shared with the participants their respective discussions. In the end, Julia made a closing remark.

This event was a great success. We provided a platform for the new members to know each other and HKAUW. In the meantime, we received many insights and inspirations from the new members, which will help us to serve the community better. 

November 2015

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