As a woman graduate pursuing a career, or an undergraduate / postgraduate student studying for a degree, do you feel the need for personal and professional growth, to establish better networking, to extend your social circle, to make a greater contribution to your community, and to enhance the overall sense of satisfaction in your life? Hong Kong Association of University Women (HKAUW) is the association to help you to achieve these goals!


  • To raise the standard of women's education
  • To encourage the pursuit of higher education among women
  • To encourage and help women take part in public affairs
  • To develop mutual helpfulness and friendship among university women


  • promote higher education among women
  • develop friendship among women university graduates
  • exchange ideas and information outside the confines of a single discipline
  • encourage and help women take part in community and public affairs
  • update women graduates on issues of interest such as the sciences, arts and humanities, the environment, economic, political, social welfare, and health, especially topics involving women.