Li Tze Kwan, Sara – PhD student in Psychology at HKU

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share some of my proposed collaborative community project ideas with HKAUW. Social Triangle is a social learning and service programme that welcomes both local and non-local university students, which promotes cross-cultural integration and social awareness through exploration at local social enterprises and follow-up voluntary services.

Social triangle comes from 3 core ideas: Learning, Service and Integration. Participants will learn and serve the community according to a theme in 4 sessions. Non-local students can further understand some social issues in Hong Kong and cultivate friendship with our local peers. We wish students could be motivated to engage in similar services later on. Our first trial of social triangle will be focused on local foodways. Here are our 4 proposed sessions: Session I: Museum of Chinese Cuisine (Tao Heung Group) Session II: One Day Tour at Tai O (YWCA)

Session III: Preparing Meal Boxes for the Needy (Food angel)

Session IV: Vegetarian Dinner plus Food Recycling (Food Recycling Scheme)

HKAUW can help to achieve better results by providing funds to help with our promotion and subsidize students to join our events. Also HKAUW can also offer some connections with other social enterprises/ NGO and assist with promotion in different universities in Hong Kong.

As a final note, all plans we have mentioned above cannot be realized without your support. I hope social triangle can promote social awareness and cultural integration in universities. Thank you very much!