By Doris Lee - PhD student in Asian & International Studies at CityU Two of HKAUW’s core aims are to encourage the pursuit of higher education among women, and to develop mutual helpfulness and friendship among university women. One of the basic ways we can do so is by establishing a kind of “cell group” for women’s exchange and networking at each university, initially by collaboration among women in similar departments. This way, trust can be raised among university women and promote collaboration and mutual help; at the same time, once sufficient trust has been built up among members and they are able to address problems or barriers commonly faced by women’s students, it can have the effect of making academic fields more friendly to women – i.e. turning all academic fields into “women’s fields”. In short, each “university cell group of HKAUW” would do “MORE” –

-Meeting among the women students of several departments

-Observing what the common priorities and problems of the women are, which are unique to them as women students

-Reflecting on which problems could be acted upon collectively

-Engaging with other relevant groups including both the HKAUW Exco, University student groups or departments, and women’s associations to strengthen the cell groups as well as HKAUW further.