Love Lines in the Neighbourhood


Final Report on 'Love Lines in the Neighbourhood'

To achieve its objectives, the Project Team has held more than ten meetings between January 2013 to July 2014 and have carried out tasks of concern either together or separately with hundreds of hours' input. At its last meeting on 21 July 2014, Julia Woo, the project coordinator, expressed her heartfelt thanks to all members of the Project Team for their selfless contributions to the success of the first pilot project of HKAUW's community service. Below are excerpts from minutes of the meeting.   

1.   Review of the works of the project

Based on two reports on the pilot project 'Love Lines in the Neighbourhood' she has prepared for the EXCO in December 2012 and July 2013 respectively, Julia Woo explained to the meeting the pilot project which was initiated through a conversation she has had with Dr Lily Li in 2012 for inducing self-worthiness among local elderly through finger-knitting skills. A special fund was approved by the EXCO as seed money for the pilot project at which Julia Woo served as Project Coordinator, Co-Principal Investigators Dr. Lily Li and Ms. Irene Wong and Dr Gloria Ge as Project Secretary. Dr. Ge withdrew from the project in late 2013 due to heavy workload.

The pilot project was delayed in its completion as it took longer than planned to finalize the production of the training video. It was finally completed in July 2014. However, in recognition of the relatively lukewarm sense of commitment among today's university students, the project team has resolved to change its strategy and look elsewhere for potential partners for project collaboration.

2. HKAUW's potential partners for project collaboration

Julia Woo explained to the meeting the two existing potential partners, namely, the Friends of Active Interests (FAI) and Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, that have expressed interests for collaboration. 

The meeting noted that Julia has done a presentation with FAI in May but would have to wait for the formal establishment of a charity group by interested parties at FAI before further action. FAI is viewed as a good potential partner as its members are mostly retirees who are keen to carry out together a meaningful community project.             

As explained by Irene Wong, the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences has expressed its interest in project collaboration under its service-learning programme. After some discussion,the meeting agreed that it could be an excellent platform for a presentation of the joint project collaboration involving HKAUW together with the Institute of Textiles and Clothing and the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

3. Brief look at the training video

Kitty Lam gave a brief viewing of the training video for the project to the meeting which was well-received.

4. HKAUW Project Coordinating Sub-committee

The meeting noted that with the completion of the pilot project, the EXCO of HKAUW has established in May its Project Coordinating Sub-Committee, convened by Katherine Wong, to discuss and oversee the coordination of project collaboration with potential partners. The Sub-Committee would also consist of Julia Woo (ex-officio), Kitty Lam and other invited members.   

July 2014